It is our work in life that is the ultimate seduction.

Pablo Picasso


Creative Development

Creative Development - Original Programs - Viral Marketing - Storytelling - Product Naming Creative Consulting

Creative Fuel For Your Brand

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Plans - Disruptive Marketing Strategy - Marketing Strategy Management - Marketing Audit - Startup Marketing

Roadmap to Success


Brand Strategy & Positioning - Logo & Identity - Branding Audit - Systems Signage - Brand Collaterals

Charm & Seduction For Your Business


Films - Series - Web programs - Viral Videos - Concerts - Museum Exhibitions - Film Premiere - Festival - Seminars

Making Ideas Run Like Clockwork

Promotion & Marketing

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Engagement In Motion

Design & Communication

Art Direction - Graphic Design - Web Design - UI & UX - Presentation - Decks - Apparel

Visual Intelligence At Work

Content Distribution

Online & Offline - US & Globally - Across TV, theaters, VOD, DVD - Viral Spread

Content is Only as Good as the Number of People Who Sees it

Analytics & Reporting

Online Analytics - Buzz Monitoring - Media Valuation - Market Analysis

Turning Data into Market Intelligence

About Our Work….

“We hired Thierry to shoot several viral videos in NYC. The main video got over 1,400,000 views on YouTube. Thierry brings a strong knowledge in digital, luxury and creativity. Highly recommended.”

Nicolas Halftermeyer, Chief Marketing Officer, PARROT

“I was laughing so hard at the cleverness of this web video”

The New York Times

“You want viral marketing? This is viral marketing: awesome Election News Spoof rings up 7 million hits”

Silicon Alley Insider

“Thierry lives and breathes the digital and movie business and has a flair for creating rich, engaging documentaries”

Troy Bankhead, Head of Marketing & Communication, KNEIP

“The latest and coolest Internet prank you can play on your friends”

Wired Magazine

“With the recent launch of my startup EggBash, Thierry has been an invaluable resource in providing the talent to turn my idea into a successful product and company.”

A.Z. Smith, Founder & CEO EGGBASH.COM

“We hired Thierry to shoot several viral videos in NYC … the main video got over 1,400,000 views on YouTube. Thierry brings a strong knowledge in digital, luxury and creativity. Highly recommended.”

Nicolas Halftermeyer Chief Marketing Officer, PARROT